Universal Amazon Links



I’m a bit of an enigma here on Twitter in which I place many news related articles for my audience and then supplement these with Amazon ads (e.g. Like an old fashioned newspaper with articles and advertising). I do not have a web site and ONLY use twitter, and of course a web site would be best to handle this but I’m just investigating now.

Thus my question(s).

  1. Will Twitter ever be able to handle Universal Amazon Links in the future, and like many that do I’m sure they will charge a percentage of the take, like 10% to 15%, as the others do? (If they do handle this then where is it?)
  2. Is there a way for the API to handle this on Twitter?
  3. I haven’t found a way for the Amazon API to handle this but if someone does know of a way, then I ask them to please advise.

One major reason I ask this is that since Amazon doesn’t divert its links to the proper country, those from say Italy will always go to the link provided with the tweet. In my case that is amazon.com. Thus, having twitter do this, since I really don’t trust those other universal link sites, you could have twitter know which country the person is clicking the link from, look up that link and obtain the Users Amazon tag, replace it with their tag (which will be related to the users tag for that country store) and then change the amazon.com to whatever, such as amazon.co.uk. Then, should it make a sale Twitter will keep their 10 - 15% and then pay the user the remaining amount. This seems a whole lot better than running multiple ads of the same product with only the link changed… At least that is what I feel, and it would help twitter make money which it seems that they need now.

Again, these are my thoughts and there are many ways of doing this and I’m just looking for feedback on if there is a way that is currently possible to do this.

I thank you for you help and input to this and await your feedback…