Unity + Vungle



Hi guys, I’ve been pulling my hair since 2 days trying to setup my Unity game with MoPub + Ad Networks (Vungle, AdColony and Unity Ads). I tried getting the sample code provided with MoPub package to run but I failed and I really have no clue what should be set up in app and what to configure on the web dashboard.
For instance, in the sample code I have this for Vungle :

vungleSettings.Add( “userId”, “the-user-id” );

What is that “the-user-id” ? Is it my account ID ? Should I really put my account user id in my code ???

Then some networks are listed on the MoPub web dashboard (Vungle is not but AdColony is), for AdColony I filled in an API Key, does it mean MoPub will be able to deliver ads directly to me without the need to set up anything else in my code ?

Can someone share some working code to help me, I’m a bit lost, otherwise I will just stick with Unity Ads that are quick and easy to setup.