Unity - Tweets don't show up on the wall




We’ve recently incorporated the Twitter part of the Fabric unity package into our new game so players will be able to share their score with a twitter card.

The thing is, we followed the documentation on setuping the twitter plugin and it seems to work (we can get the composer to show up on an Android build) but when the player clicks on the Tweet button to send the tweet, the window closes and the tweet never get sent. Are we missing something.

Also, the card image doesn’t seem to show up in the composer even if it is really on the device and the given path is right.

We are using Unity 5.2.3f1


PS : Is there a way we can get a callback from the composer to know if the user didn’t just click close without tweeting as we reward the user for sharing it’s score.


Hi @jgelineau, Are there any errors being logged? Have you already requested to have you application whitelisted? On Android we broadcast a com.twitter.sdk.android.tweetcomposer.UPLOAD_SUCCESS or com.twitter.sdk.android.tweetcomposer.UPLOAD_FAILURE intent.

See: https://docs.fabric.io/android/twitter/compose-tweets.html#requirements


Hi @EricFrohnhoefer We don’t receive errors from the kit. It could be that we didn’t ask for a whitelisting for our twitter app. We’ll send a whitelist request and I’ll keep this post updated if it worked.

As for the callback, is there an event method we can listen to in Unity (C#) to be warned for a success or failure? (We build our game for iOS and Android)?

Thank you!


The whilisting request just came in. I’m replying to this thread to keep things updated.

We received the info that the App card access is not publicly available at the moment. We’ll remove the Fabric Twitter Kit from our game until the App card becomes available.

Thank you @EricFrohnhoefer for your help on this situation.