Unity - MoPub iOS Third Party SDK Integration



Hello, according to the Unity Engine Integration docs for the MoPub SDK for Unity, I have to “place the network SDKs into the /Assets/Editor folder within one’s Unity project.” What SDK would this be? Is it a native iOS SDK that I’m placing in this folder? For example, for AdColony, what SDK would I place in the plugin folder?


Hi @andrew_iversoft

Thanks for the question. Once you’ve imported the third-party network SDK into your Unity project, you’ll want to place the SDK into the /Assets/Editor folder.

For example, first you’ll double-click the AdColony.unitypackage and select ‘Import’ in the Unity UI. This will import the entire AdColony SDK into Unity. From here, you’ll want to ensure the AdColony folder (which includes the respective SDK) is placed in the proper file path:

For iOS, the path is [UNITY PROJECT ROOT]/Assets/Editor/MoPub/NativeCode
For Android, the path is [UNITY PROJECT ROOT]/Assets/Plugins/Android

There’s no need to install any additional SDKs. With Unity, the MoPub Unity plug-in is compatible with the native iOS and Android SDKs of supported third-party networks. Please let us know if this helps. We’re happy to help further if you’d like to reach out to us at support@mopub.com.

Thank you.