Unity Fabric SDK replaces main application class which conflicts with Facebook Unity SDK



Hi there,

I read during unity sdk initialisation that twitter SDK replaces main application which means it will also conflict with Facebook Unity SDK? Am i right? if so, then what should i do to keep both?



Hey @ARafay,

We don’t replace the main application, we’re added to the first scene of a unity app and there shouldn’t be any conflict. If you do see a conflict, please share the error message so I can look into that :slight_smile:



Hey @ARafay,

Just to be clear - we have our own FabricApplication class that initializes Fabric as soon as the application is created (so, for example, crashes will be caught as soon as possible), and by default the Unity plugin sets this as your enabled application in your Android manifest. If this doesn’t doesn’t fit your use case, you can check out our docs on manual initialization here: https://docs.fabric.io/unity/fabric/initialization.html :slight_smile:


Sounds good, will come back in case something doesn’t work as expected.