Unity Fabric SDK - MoPub Kit update (4.11)



Hello there,
there is a MoPub Unity plugin update yet to be released through the Unity Fabric SDK.

This update, 4.11, includes MoPub iOS v4.11.1, which addresses Application Transport Security (ATS) on iOS.

This update is important because, starting January 1, 2017, Apple will require any app submitted to the App Store to have ATS enabled.

Is there a planned update for Unity Fabric’s MoPub Kit?
If not, Is it ok to manually update the MoPub Kit using the MoPub Unity plugin?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @andreswx,

I don’t have a firm date on the release, but I’m pushing the team to update before 2017. You can also install MoPub manually as well depending on your app’s release schedule.


The fix is now live @andreswx, thanks for your patience.