Unicode characters formatted wrong in Twitter emails



I’ve been noticing lately that the email subject headers are formatting unicode characters wrongly (as I have a unicode character in my last name). This has not always been the case however, as I can find an email correctly formatted from the 15th of June and more going back from there.

Specifically, the letter “ø” becomes the sequence “ø”, but I could imagine the problem is with unicode formatting in general. It should be noted that the twitter app and website shows the “ø” correctly.

Looking at the original emails, the wrongly formatted email subject shows the character as “=C3=83=C2=B8”, and the correctly formatted email subject shows the character as “=C3=B8”.

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this issue as it seems hard to find a bug tracker, so please point me in the right direction if there is an actual way to report issues like this.


Thanks for letting us know - I’ll pass it along.


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