Unfollow event in user streams - Ref.: issue #225


This issue - https://dev.twitter.com/issues/225 - has been marked as closed yesterday with comment “This is live now”.
I still don’t receive the unfollow event in the user streams.

Can anyone help?

"There’s no “unfollow” event generated when the authenticated user unfollows someone. I understand not generating unfollows when the source isn’t the authenticated user, but not having them for the authenticated user means that the friends list can get out of sync. Since the friends list is crucial for determining whether or not certain statuses show up in the home timeline, this can be a problem."


I just tested this again and got an unfollow event. Note that this will only be sent when the authenticating user unfollows someone, not when someone unfollows the authenticating user.


Ok, this is not was I was waiting for then. Sorry about that.

Do you have an idea if this feature (follower unfollowing authenticated user) could be implemented in a near future? I saw many people requesting that feature.



It’s unlikely to be supported. Twitter purposely doesn’t surface “user X unfollowed you on date Y” metrics.