UNFOLLOW Email Notification


I hope this would be included in the rules and policies that the person who unfollow is binded with a "policy"that an email notification will be automatically send to the other party’s account.

In dealing with twits, many will unfollow because of the following or either the following reasons:

  1. Twitting with adult links and contents
  2. Twitting with defamatory to others
  3. Twitting links to an unsafe websites
  4. Twitting about non-sense and non interesting matters
    5… others

These needs justification

Twitter could be a good feedback site to evaluate the user… if he/she unfollowed many times or by many user it maybe have reasons… so the unfollowed account after receiving the “unfollowed email notification” must be given a link to "optional"ask why he/she unfollowed.

In this case you could have the system that people only unfollow for reasons and not by their ego and pride to be followed by many without following others… and it will match to your ratio system policy that user could follow only certain number of account in ratio of his/her follower. Because if I would be ask, if there is no ratio and limit, I want to follow millions of user without expecting them to follow back; but here you have the policy so I must have to make sure why I cant follow, and why I was unfollowed…and to make fair… “follow me so I will follow you”. I will follow you and you must follow back… other wise… no follow and I wont follow or twitter ratio policy must be remove.


i need feedback from users and also from Twitter management… lets create an fair online micro blogging environment…


Nadaaun no o pruebo.