Unfollow does not work- next day all are followed again


Either using an api or manual unfollow, the next day I am following again. Support is totally useless after 8 posts to them- they ignore


Do you have any applications connected to your account that could be causing you to follow specific accounts? Does anyone else have access to the account? Are there specific accounts that you are trying to unfollow which keep coming back?


I have a few personal accounts- I tested with those. Unfollowed manually. Next day they were again bein followed

The other accounts were flagged as spammers, inactives and other, as tagged by https://manageflitter.com/unfollow.

Since I made revoked access for a bunch of twitter type tool api – I will try again to unfollow again
Will post a screen shot of unfollow count after I am done


I hope this helps - unfortunately this is not a support forum so we cannot provide additional advice unless there’s a specific API issue that we can reproduce. Good luck!