Unfavorite/Unfavoriting Favorites // Massive Error // Known Issue <--


Now I’m not the first person to come across this, because alot of people end up wanting to do this. The Favorites; their is a current error that after you unfavorite a certain amount of tweets you favorited, the number listed for tweets favorited still remains (mine is currently 7,940). So even though I unfavorited a good amount, I want to unfavorite close to all of my Favorites. Then after all this, the current statement displayed when viewing the Favorites tab/page is “You haven’t favorited any Tweets yet.” Though clearly their are still favorites numbered/listed (in my case 7,940) even though they aren’t displaying like they should.

I have read up EVERYWHERE on this issue, I have tried contacting @Twitter, contacting @Support an endless amount of times, even made a CASE NUMBER mentioning it to Twitter; no answers. Still wanting a reply, so please. Someone explain this and lets figure out a way to fix all this. Twitter Staff, do your worst. Its go time.