Unfair reject approving dev account - please help



I want to connect my Twitter account to my own website. The application will be used to show my Tweets on my website and it also will publish Tweets from my website to my Twitter account. Application will not collect or analyze any user data. It also will be used to authorize users on my website with their Twitter accounts.

But my account was not approved. :disappointed_relieved:

Please, help to approve my account, because it is very important to me. I don’t have much time to re-post to twitter from site, and this app will be very useful :disappointed_relieved:

Please, help.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


We also went through the same thing, and we are trying with this new account a new approval, it is only allowed once per account, good luck.


If you simply need to embed Tweets on your website then publish.twitter.com can provide all of the JS code you need. I’m unclear on the use case here?


yes, you don’t understand. (sorry for my English, I’m Russian).

That app, for which I try to registered dev. account, do cross-posting/auto-posting from my Wordpress site.

I publish a post, and this app tweet this post with my custom form, like:


and etc.

This is website of it.

So, maybe my answering for 4 questions (when applying dev. account) was incorrect, sorry my English, but this what I do it. Please, help resolve the problem. I don’t want start new account for it.


I’ll try to resolve this one, but if not - do the duplicate and try again, thanks.


I just tried for the second time and got approval, be well aware in the answers, be objective and describe in detail review before sending if put in their place, a big hug

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