Unexpected funding instrument for accounts that doesn't have set up one yet



We have detected that some of our users receive a “fake” funding instrument when they don’t have set up one yet.

This is how it looks:

  "request": {
    "params": {
      "account_id": "xxx"
  "data": [
      "start_time": "2015-02-24T11:14:11Z",
      "description": "(no payment method has been set up yet)",
      "credit_limit_local_micro": 0,
      "end_time": null,
      "cancelled": false,
      "id": "xxx",
      "paused": false,
      "account_id": "xxxx",
      "reasons_not_able_to_fund": [
      "io_header": null,
      "currency": "EUR",
      "funded_amount_local_micro": 0,
      "created_at": "2015-02-24T11:14:11Z",
      "type": "CREDIT_CARD",
      "able_to_fund": true,
      "updated_at": "2015-02-24T11:14:11Z",
      "credit_remaining_local_micro": null,
      "deleted": false
  "data_type": "funding_instrument",
  "total_count": 1,
  "next_cursor": null

This funding instrument has (no payment method has been set up yet) as description and credit_limit_local_micro is always 0.
These users have never use Twitter Ads at this point and they want to create campaigns with our technology.


Hi @k4rliky,

Happy to help here. Can you let us know if you’re seeing this in production or your sandbox?


It always happens in production, I haven’t tried on sandbox


Hi @k4rliky, per https://dev.twitter.com/ads/campaigns/funding-instruments the API can only be used to fetch Funding Instrument data, not create it. The user would have to setup funding through the Twitter Ads UI, after which it will be available via the API. Let me know if this helps, or if I can provide any additional context.