Unexpected doubled size Widget


Since few hours ago the widget doubled its size on website without any change on any settings on twitter widget configuration page.

Before today this is the widget and it’s normal size.

Now we got this :

How to recover the normal size ?


It seems like you’re probably setting width to 100% on the widget. If you remove that, things should go back to how they were.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
You are right we have width & height at 100%.

But we didn’t change the code for months, and we have this settings since we use the widget last Fall, why suddendly it changed and start to execute really the code ?


So the 100% width would always expand the iframe to be 100%. However we had CSS constraints in place that prevented the timeline widget inside of the iframe from growing past 520px. In an effort to make our widgets more flexible, we’ve recently removed that constraint. Apologies this affected you negatively. I’m sure there’ll be others who run into a similar problem, but the hope is the added flexibility makes the change worth it.


Thanks so much @JakeHarding for this explanation :).

We appreciated a lot the latest widget improvements (video, gif, 4 pics and so on…) and this one is really cool too for our future website.

Have a wonderful week.

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