*.understandingmyositis.org is not whitelisted for summary_large_image card


States my domain is not whitelisted for summary_large_image card

I see a valid preview and have tried this twice. Any help would be appreciated.


Do you already have made a whitelist request? If yes, what was the reason it was rejected for?


I am not sure how to make the whitelist request. I did some searching but it was kind of confusing. I apologize but do appreciate your help if you could provide me with how to do so.


You have to validate your card using the validator and click the “Request approval” button:


That doesn’t come up on mine. It shows the preview with image and description and then request for approval which I have done twice and that is when I get the no whitelisted message.


Sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean. Sounds a bit like a bug with the validator. Which browser are you using?


On the page for validation, it shows me the card description and image and says reqeust approval. When I click that I get the “not whitelisted” message. I am using Firefox for MAC


Actually when you click request approval, you should see a form like the following:


What is the link I use to get to that?

I have been doing through my Wordpress application and it automatically takes me there, but I didn’t see what you have shown me.


This is the Twitter Card Validator tool.


This is what I get:


Yes, now you have to click on the “Request Approval” Button.


I am sorry, I meant to tell you that I did that and it states it is sent for review. But I have tried this a couple times and comes back with a message via email that it is not whitelisted. I will see what happens this time.


What is the reason given for the whitelist rejection (if any?)


Wow, that worked this time and quickly. Just got an email. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!


No problem, glad it worked :smile: