Understanding Stream Api Limit


Hello Developers,

I have a couple of questions regarding limitations in Twitter Streaming API.
In Twitter API Docs I found following statement:
1)” Each account may create only one standing connection
to the public endpoints, and connecting to a public stream more than once
with the same account credentials will cause the oldest connection to be disconnected.”

Can you please explain, what is definition of “account” in a current statement? Is it related to Application account credentials or also to User account credentials?

We have an App,where each user should be able to open one connection to a public stream. Right now they are using Application credentials(Keys and Access Tokens) for Oauth. When several users are trying to open a connection, Twitter responds with 420 error, due to exceeding of limit.

So the big question is, then CAN WE OPEN JUST 1 CONNECTION PER APP-ID?

We are connecting to https://userstream.twitter.com/1.1/user.json

Thanks in advance.