Understanding Data Output Differences between Twitter Ads Dashboard Export and Twitter Ads API



I’m trying to streamline exporting Twitter Ads metrics in my daily tasks by utilizing the Ads API. However, I’m finding that the data outputs from the two sources do not always match for a small amount of tweets. There doesn’t appear to be a set pattern for the variance in differences though. Has anyone else experienced this? What have you learned about what would cause it?


Hi @ejsurbeck! Maybe this gives you some information:

Segmented data is not expected to roll-up 100% to the non-segmented data, due to how this information is derived.

This is taken from https://dev.twitter.com/ads/analytics/best-practices (the last point below the header “Fetching Segmented Data”).

Also take a look at Report stats data not corresponding to data in the Ads UI - this is what I have noticed.


Ah! Thank you for that direction!