Unblock Twitter app restricted from performing write actions


Hi everyone,

I recently developed an app to allow to publish tweets. Last week it was restricted from performing write actions due to the software allows the user to choose a predefined message.
I fixed the problem in the software, so now it complies with the rules and policies, and I contacted with Twitter for trying to unblock the app to be able to use it again.
Can anyone tell me how much time could take to Twitter staff to check it and unblock the app?

Thanks in advance,


Depending on the team’s availability it may sometimes take up to a few days, but if you followed the instructions from the email you were sent then it should be in the correct ticket queue for attention. Thanks.


Hi @TedCasDev. How long did they take to get back to you? We’re in the same position now.

@andypiper If you could send some feedback to the team that does this, please let them know that it would be handy if they provided details about what triggered the restriction. We just got suspended out of the blue and can only speculate why.


I can indeed share feedback but as I’ve explained elsewhere it is not possible for us to document our machine-learning automated systems. I’m sorry you are frustrated in this case.