Unauthorized Client Application Error for Ads API




We have submitted form for developer level ads api access and got agreement email from twitter still API call gives following error
{“errors”:[{“code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION”,“message”:“The client application making this request does not have access to this API”}.

Please let me know if we have been granted access to Ads API.

Owner Id: 2812824632
App Id: 8770926



I have exactly the same issue:
App ID: 8780803


I have exactly the same issue, please help me
App ID: 8770185


Hi All,

All three applications posted here don’t actually have Ads API access granted to them yet. You’ve likely only received a confirmation that we’ve received your application and are still in process.

If you’ve recently applied, please note that there is a currently a substantial backlog on application review and we appreciate your patience while the team handling this works towards reviewing your application.


Hi @brandonmblack,

  Thank you for your reply.  Your explanation has cleared up my confusion.