{“errors”:[{“code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS”,“message”:“User <our_app_user_id_> is not authorized to create tweets for user id <customer_user_id_removed>”}],“request”:{“params”:{“status”:“test map https://cards.twitter.com/cards/<customer_account_id>/1y3y1”,“as_user_id”:<customer_user_id>,“account_id”:"<customer_account_id"}}}

We have access to this account in ads.twitter.com. We have double checked token, token_secret, and clientUserID - all three are correct. Account ID is also correct.

Any advice on where to start?..


That error is because that ads account didn’t give you access to create tweets, is an special check when your client grant you permission.

Anyway I reccomend to make a full integration with their tokens.



All these steps have been taken. We triple checked all values and we have access to them in ads.twitter.com.

This is not our first partner, it is a first partner we are running into this type of issues with.