Unauthenticated request for status/user_timeline since April 12


Hi there,

I have a strange behavior that appears April 12, while my app was working perfectly for a year.

Here is the context : I have a website built in PHP and Zend Framework, and a cron job that calls Twitter REST API once an hour. As I’m on a shared host, unauthenticated request are always over-quota, so I use oAuth authentication for retrieving my timeline.

Everything was fine until the April 12 : now every requests to status/user_timeline needs an user_id (which where optional previously), and when I use my user_id, every calls to status/user_timeline is an unauthenticated one, and is over-quota in my environment.

Some other requests works perfectly with the same oAuth token : status/update, account/verify_credentials… As everything worked perfectly before, I think something changed in the Twitter REST API recently, and I found nothing about this topic.

Anyone have an idea of what’s happened ?

My Website source is hosted on Github, so here is the PHP script that load the statuses, that uses Zend_Service_Twitter : https://github.com/lucascorbeaux/maitre-corbeaux.com/blob/master/application/services/Activity/Import/Twitter.php

Thanks !


Many of our API methods are being reimplemented in alternate implementations. The OAuth is stricter and closer to spec in these implementations, and some undocumented quirks are straightened out so the methods work as documented. user_timeline requires a screen name rather than relying on an implicit user context. If your calls are being evaluated as unauthenticated when you add the parameter, it means that your OAuth in this case is generating invalid or mismatching signatures. Make sure that your OAuth implementation is to spec – it’s probably doing something very minorly wrong.

Looking at the code, it’s probably doing a number of outdated things – including using deprecated endpoints that will cease functioning later this month: [node:6218].


Many thanks for your reply, I’ll look closely for an OAuth implementation issue in my project.



same problem with Zend_Service_Twitter here. Did you come with some solution? I found out that method friendsTimeline works with Zend´s OAuth implementations OK.



I have this problem too while using userTimeline method.
Any of you found some solution ?
What is the Zend version you’re using ?




Sorry, I hadn’t time to found any solution, I just changed my server environment to get rid of the over-quota problem.