Unable to view twitter profile pictures or images


I have written this issue several times to twitter support account and discussions but twitter has always provided a temporary fix from server side.

Its now become a routine may be I should copy and paste it and save it as word or text document file on my computer so that I may copy paste it every time I face this issue that’s why Facebook is my favorite website to share thoughts and interesting things of my life instead of twitter.

The Problem:

All the profile pictures and images shown on home feed or any webpage showing a twitter image whose source link is on twitter servers as broken or unavailable on all the popular browsers.

I don’t know if its a DNS issue from your server side or from my internet service provider i.e Tata Docomo in #Mumbai #India. But I can assure its not the antivirus software since I also use a mac OS and also tested twitter on my cellphone with a good mobile network provider on 3g plans which has a good network and speed.

Hoping to get a favorable reply and a permanent solution.

Utsab Bandopadhyay