Unable to use from:screen_name in 1.1/search/tweets


I know the search call can never provide every tweet to it’s query however from moving from search.twitter.com to api.twitter.com/1.1/ I’ve noticed that a search like “from:artesea white” results in no matches, whereas doing the same at twitter.com brings back a result.
In the past I’ve used “from:screen_name OR @screen_name” to provide a basic to/from for a user so I can see if any questions have been answered before chipping in. In 1.1 I only get back the mentions.


The way search interprets queries is evolving a lot over time. There’s really no one true search any more – there are different behaviors between the API and the website.

When I try to recreate this, I’m not seeing specific issues with the operators themselves – they seem to function as I expect them to.

Perhaps the reason you’re not getting data back is just due to the Search service just not thinking it has relevant results for you.

Personally, if I were trying to do a similar feature to this, I would use statuses/user_timeline instead of the “from:screen_name” component and then interweave the results of searching for “@screen_name -from:screen_name” with it.


I can’t get “from:” to work at all in /1.1/, another query that I used to run a lot is “keyword -from:screen_name” this would filter out those who I didn’t want to see. But in /1.1/ it’s just being ignored. Again I could rewrite all my code to include a variable of people I don’t want to see, run through the search query and delete them, but then this is me creating a work around for one of your bugs.
And now just testing “to:” again blank results


Can you share a capture of your request/response cycle? Maybe you’re over-encoding the “:” character and it’s being interpreted as part of your query rather than as a filter.


Cheers that was the issue. I was encoding the “:” at the point of generating the query, and then the oauth library was doing it again.
In the past I didn’t have the issue as I was going to search.twitter.com and not oauthing it.