Unable to upload video to twitter



Hi all,
I’m having an issue uploading video to twitter.
The problem happens whatever way I try to post the video (on mobile, web etc.)

The video is created by ffmpeg on android (by an app I’m developing).
Here’s the link to the video (it’s actually an mp4 generated by a gif image and audio):

Here’s a screenshot of GSpot details about video/audio codecs used:

So video is H.264/mpeg4 and audio is AAC. Aspect ratio is 1:1.
Teoretically it fits specs for uploading as video on twitter as described in Twitter support:

Thanks in advance for suggestions :wink:


Could you provide us with the specific error that you get?


I get a popup with a very generic error (this is from browser - web):

The message is in italian it means more or less: “It was not possible to process your multimedia file”.

Another little piece of information, since I did a few more tries.
An mp4 generated in a similar way (so again with ffmpeg muxing a still image and audio) worked fine.
Here’s the GSPOT report from the WORKING mp4:

There are a few differences, i.e. the frame rate (which is lower) and bit rate of video (also lower).
AND (IMHO most important) the aspect ratio is different.


Ffmpeg mp4 upload to Twitter - Unsupported Error

Hi @tuttodegradato, I looked at the failing video and the reason is the pixel format - we only support YUV4:2:0 pixel format, whereas your video has YUV4:4:4. You can double check using ffmpeg

$ ffmpeg -i ~/Downloads/twitter\ test\ FAILED.mp4
     Stream #0:0(und): Video: h264 (High 4:4:4 Predictive) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv444p...

When you use ffmpeg to create your videos, you can use -pix_fmt yuv420p to ensure your videos are converted to the correct pixel format.


Got it! Thanks cbal, great catch! Will try this soon!!!


WORKS!!! Great support! thank you so much @cbal :wink: