Unable to upload iOS build to iTunes Connect



Hi, Guys.

Recently I ran into an issue trying to upload a build to iTunes connect after upgrading to Twiter Kit SDK 3.0

Can anyone help me, please?


Did you use CocoaPods to upgrade? or manual download?


Thanks for your help @katejaiheelee . I’m using CocoaPods.


Thanks again for your report!

You could try removing that offending key yourself from the Info.plist in the TwitterShareExtensionUIResources.bundle.

Let me know if that works:


After making this change, it works for us to upload a sample app to iTunes Connect.


Hello @stevenhepting, yes it worked!

Thanks so much for you support guys.


We have released Twitter Kit 3.0.1 to remove this key for everyone. https://cocoapods.org/pods/TwitterKit


sir , in version 3.0.4, you add the key again, can you remove it in the next version, thanks


You guys added it back in in Twitter Kit 3.0.4, can you remove it?


Thanks for the report! We removed it for next version.