Unable to submit app due to MoPub issue



The latest MoPub installed via Fabric plugin is causing the exact same error as described here:


In short, there are values in the MoPub bundle plist (CFBundleSupportedPlatforms) that are causing itunes connect to reject the app upload outright.

Please update the plugin asap.



Hello wapo_y_wapa!

Can you confirm if you are building your app with bitcode and share the exact errors you are seeing with support@mopub.com?

We want to make sure that we can track down a possible issue that will affect our Fabric users.




Thanks for the reply. Due to another issue I was having, I uninstalled fabric and migrated to fabric via cocoapods … after this, submitting to Apple worked fine.



I’m seeing this issue as well. Using non-CocoaPods Fabric.


I cannot enable bitcode because of another compiled library I’m using that doesn’t support it.

It looks like I could just edit this info.plist file…



I tried deleting these keys in the MoPub info.plist file and the submission worked.

CFBundleExecutable (also called simply "Executable file")

Not sure if MoPub still works now but I suspect it does.


Thanks for reporting this issue! We are looking into it now and should have it resolved this week. For any additional questions, feel free to reach out at support@mopub.com


This worked for us, thanks!

@autojoechen Any updates on this issue? Are there any adverse affects in removing the CFBundeExecutable and CFBundleSupportPlatforms keys?