Unable to Sign in on Dev.Twitter



I am trying to sign in on https://dev.twitter.com/ (first time) to create an application as recommended in https://dev.twitter.com/oauth/overview/application-owner-access-tokens
Clicking on “sign in” menu on top right redirects me to https://twitter.com/ with my details shown as signed in user.
When I am trying to open https://dev.twitter.com/, it still shows me as not sighed on.
I’ve tried to use 3 accounts mfreidge, MF_WJ and MNF_WJ on Chrome,Edge and Firefox with the same behavior.

What I am doing wrong?


We’ll investigate the login issue; I’m seeing this as well. In order to create an application though, you can go directly to https://apps.twitter.com!


Thanks, I figure out about direct https://apps.twitter.com after I posted the question.

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