Unable to send direct messages oAuth



I’m developing application for iOS and using MGTwitterEngine for Twtter integration.
I’ve registered my app and set application permissions to readonly first, then I’ve realized that I need to have an ability to send direct messages, so I’ve changed permissions level to read/write and access direct messages - also I’ve reset keys, because I’ve heard that this could be a problem.

This happened yesterday, now when I’m accessing auth page from device it tells me that application will be able to access direct messages but I still unable to send them. The really strange think is that I’m able to send direct messages to myself (i.e. to account which I used to log in), I also able to send status updates, get incoming messages and other stuff - but every time I’m trying to send direct message to other person I get 403 error.



Make sure that the access token you’re using has been regenerated since you had the app in another mode before – try running account/verify_credentials using the access token you have now to learn which permissions are currently set for it. If they aren’t right, walk through the OAuth process and utilize the new keys/strings given to you.


I ran into a similar problem with Net::Twitter module in Perl, but the problem was due to newline characters in the DM. Same applies to new status messages. Hence replace all newline characters.


Hi, I m trying to call new_direct_message from perl (Net::Twitter::Lite::WithAPIv1_1). But, I am getting following error.
HTTP Response Code: 400
HTTP Message…: Bad Request
Twitter error…: 400: Bad Request
however, when I use update instead of new_direct_message, it is successful.
any pointers will be of great help