Unable to render Card preview


URL: http://wheresgood.to/one/492
Card validator says “Unable to render Card preview” with empty log. Please advise.


Seems to be working now. Could have been a temporary issue.


Well, it doesn’t work again :frowning: I mean I didn’t check earlier so didn’t see it working.


Working here for me.


Here is what I see ( http://quick.as/xDygsnmbv - screencast, click to play). Does it have anything to do with my IP/location/anything else?


Could be one of those things, or some kind of caching issue with the validator maybe. I’m not sure, but the good news is that your card appears to work fine - apologies that you are having issues with the validator.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your replies. Can we make it work with intents somehow so that photo is displayed on https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wheresgood.to%2Fone%2F855&text=Wheres%20Good%3F%20Dubrovnik%2C%20Croatia&hashtags=Dubrovnik%2CCroatia ? Or is there another way to create custom share button with photo attached?


No, it doesn’t work with intents, you just post the link and the Card will be rendered in the final Tweet.


Thanks. Do you know why it doesn’t show photo in my test account? https://twitter.com/toropov_e


Your images are from Instagram, so it is likely that the crawler is unable to show them.


Yeah, they are. Why is it a limitation? They must be available to any crawlers.


I believe Instagram blocks Twitter from embedding images.


I see. And why did it work for you in card validator?


That’s a good question - not sure on that one.


Hi Andy,

Hope you’re well.

Is it possible to setup page URL for a Summary Card with large image to take meta tags from? We have a page - http://wheresgood.to/ - where cards dynamically change, but page URL remain the same. Even if we add a hash to URL - your robot wouldn’t see correct meta tags (which change every time you click Like or Dislike) as I guess it doesn’t execute Javascript. Can you help us?



same here, your dev docs say they fallback to the open graph standard when there is no twitter one, i have the same error as most people where it just says “error not whitelisted”


is the link, funny how it works here but not on twitter…