Unable to render Card preview


I must be a newbie or something!

For days, I have been trying to submit a URL for a PRODUCT card.
All I have EVER gotten is the atypical “Unable to render Card preview” response.

I’ve already done all the reading … all the checking … all the troubleshooting I can.

SO … here I am, looking for help and/or advice.

Our website is www dot torontoemporium dot com

When you view a product, you can clearly see the headers show the
appropriate META tags.

Any help folks?

P.S. I’ve been checking the access logs, and I do see Twitter now and then,
but never see Twitter checking any product after submitting a product card.


Having same problem, can anyone help?


Finally! I noticed the Twitter Bot had visited.
After trying again to submit a product card … it worked!

I can only conclude that Twitter’s submission tool is slow and/or tempermental!

Ah well … that’s life!