Unable to render Card preview


Hi there,
I simply want to activate twitter card for my website and currently I am using Yoast SEO pliugin, I have configured all settings - Yoast SEO pliugin Social.

But when i go to validate the sites url, i cannot see the REQUEST APPROVAL button there, it simply gives an error saying:

ERROR: FetchError:exceeded 4.seconds to Constructor while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable) (Card error)

My URL: http://www.theblogon.com/how-to-maximize-gadget-battery-life/

Your help is greatly appreciated.



We’ve alerted our team on a better error message.

Some things I suggest:

1.) I don’t see twitter cards on the page. You’ll need at least twitter:card tags to get started.
2.) I wonder if it’s a timeout issue, either with your host or with content on your site. This might be helpful to look for other similar issues:




Hi Ryan, the site I’m trying to add cards to is ChartMogul.com, im getting the same timeout error as the one above. Any help would be really appreciated.


Thanks for sharing. We’re tracking this internally as PREL-12565.