"Unable to render Card preview"... with an empty log!


I’m trying to add the markup tags to get twitter cards to work, but no matter what I try I can’t get it to display in the validator. I’ve been testing with this page:


I’ve read through a bunch of pages, including this and, of course, the troubleshooting tips. I also read through other threads on the same issue, such as this one or that one, but still have not found a solution.

Note that unlike these other cases, I’m not getting any data in the ‘log’ section. It comes up empty. See attached screenshot.

What am I missing?


This looks like it might have been temporary - I’ve just tested this and it seems to be displaying a summary card in the validator.


Interesting. It still wasn’t working for me, so it got me wondering if it might be a browser issue. I’m using Firefox, but a fairly old version. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. So I just tried on the laptop that has a more recent version of Firefox… and it works on there :-o

By the way (and maybe I should start a separate thread for this) but I’m also a bit confused about how to get a video card. Am I correct that it would require both my site (mvdbase.com) and the video provider (ie. YouTube, vimeo, etc.) to be using the https protocol? I don’t have https (my site doesn’t really need it) so does that mean I can’t do video cards?


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