Unable to render Card preview - WARN: Not whitelisted



My website: http://ahansabharwal.com/ is working correctly but http://ahansabharwal.com/55ec5ed23e7c8.html (currently a blank page) is not.

This the HTML:

<html><head></head><body><meta name=&quot;twitter:card&quot; content=&quot;summary_large_image&quot;><meta name=&quot;twitter:site&quot; content=&quot;@nytimes&quot;><meta name=&quot;twitter:creator&quot; content=&quot;@SarahMaslinNir&quot;><meta name=&quot;twitter:title&quot; content=&quotParade of Fans for Houston’s Funeral&quot;><meta name=&quot;twitter:description&quot; content=&quot;NEWARK - The guest list and parade of limousines with celebrities emerging from them seemed more suited to a red carpet event in Hollywood or New York than than a gritty stretch of Sussex Avenue near the former site of the James M. Baxter Terrace public housing project here.&quot;><meta name=&quot;twitter:image&quot; content=&quot;http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2012/02/19/us/19whitney-span/19whitney-span-articleLarge.jpg&quot;></body></html>;

I need the &quot or any other methods of escaping the double quote like " or ’ (single quotes). So I have the same code on both the pages. The main page (http://ahansabharwal.com/) works perfectly fine. But the http://ahansabharwal.com/55ec5ed23e7c8.html page gives the error:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 8 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

If the problem is the escaping (which happens when I do both &quot and " ), then could you please tell me a way to escape the double quotes which the validator will accept. Or if there’s something else wrong. It’s worth saying, that both the http://ahansabharwal.com/ & http://ahansabharwal.com/55ec5ed23e7c8.html pages have the same code accept the &quot.



@joncipriano Hello My URL is not whitelisted so, is my card is not rendering. Please find below my URL for site.
URL: http://www.jeeltech.com/

My image url path is //images-cdn.azureedge.net/azure
Request you to please whitelist my IP ASAP


@Urs_Vid, your card appears to be rendering just fine in the validator and by Tweeting it. Only Player Cards need whitelisting. All other cards are will render if implemented correctly. If you have further issue, please open another thread instead of piggybacking on this one. Thanks!


@joncipriano Yeah, I have already opened another topic for the same. Topic ID:70321