Unable to render Card preview "status"="Excluded"



Unable to render Card preview


the following log is displayed

INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

Validator return status 200 with the following response

  "isInternalError": false,
  "lastHop": "https:\/\/stg-data.efset.org\/cert\/Es4mRp",
  "whitelistInfo": null,
  "card": null,
  "cardName": null,
  "errors": {},
  "warnings": {},
  "fcErrors": {},
  "fcWarnings": {},
  "status": "Excluded",
  "urlResolutionStatus": "Ok",
  "metaTags": null,
  "hasStagingCard": null,
  "redirected": false


The JSON you’ve posted here is not relevant - there is no programmatic access to the card validator so that is just internal information.

It looks like you’re specifically only returning the meta tags (without a page body) for the Twitterbot user agent. I believe that because there’s no encoding specified in the page or in the header, Twitterbot is ignoring the content. That’s probably not the best behaviour and I’ll raise this with the team, but you could try either setting <meta charset="UTF-8" /> inside your page, and/or having the HTTP Content-Type header return text/html; charset=utf-8 - that might resolve the issue.

Card not found, despite curling showing the meta tags

Adding <meta charset="UTF-8"/> solved the problem.

Thank you for your help Andy !


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