Unable to render Card preview and No Log


Hi when trying to validate my website urls it says Unable to render Card preview and the log is empty. I think it might be a SSL issue since my server had to fix something in the ssl for social media sharing before. Althouth I don’t see any SSL error when I validate my domain name and I don’t find where to check the SSL for Twitter? Thank you!



Twitter Cards error: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused

I currently do not see any twitter:card markup in your page, so that may also be an issue here.


hum you are right… Now I have a log: “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused.”

what is the difference between the publisher username and the author username? thank you


Unable to render card preview. Please help: http://www.mybigfathalalblog.com/2015/03/penang/


Hi @MBFHalalBlog, in your case, the card cannot render because the image is too small. The Summary Card with Large Image requires that the image be at least 280px in width, and at least 150px in height. The image provided is only 120px by 90px.


Hi @nameyourdomains, as mentioned in the thread linked below, a fix was pushed last month to solve the “connection is refused” issue.

Where are you seeing the terms “publisher username” and “author username”? I assume these map to the twitter:site and twitter:creator meta tags respectively. twitter:site is used to provide the source of the content, while twitter:creator can be used with the summary_large_image, photo, gallery, and product Cards to define the specific author of the content.

For example, the New York Times would always define their twitter:site value as “nytimes,” but the value of twitter:creator might be “aoscott” if the specific article being tweeted is one of A. O. Scott’s film reviews for the New York Times. Check out the meta tags here.


I have the same problem. The validator fails to preview my card, and the log is empty, too. My meta tags seem to be in order, as well as the image dimensions. Since the end of March or so, the Twitter cards have simply stopped working. Sample: http://betweenlifeandgames.com/reviews/final-fantasy-type-0/



Can you help me please with my card submit.
I have site - https://www.footextravaganza.com and Card Validation returns me this :

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 2 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

Also curl https://www.footextravaganza.com -A Twitterbot retuns blank.

Ivan Videv


If your site does not return data to the Twitterbot user agent then it will be unable to read the tags. That’s a web server configuration issue, not something we can easily assist with.