Unable to render Card preview (All cards, blank log)


ALL URLs submitted to the validator return “Unable to render Card preview” with a blank log, even URLs previously validated that display cards.

http://www.deadhot.ca/WeKnowWhereYouLive/ <------ Previously validated and displays card in tweet, but returns error NOW.

Is this error on Twitter’s end? I’ve read the troubleshooting guides, that isn’t the problem. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:



Unable to reproduce this, seems to render a card.


Thanks for the reply Andy, how can we resolve a problem that can’t be reproduced?


Neither the validator card preview, or the card link posted in the Tweet, is failing for me. Can you provide a Tweet link that demonstrates a problem?


Hi Andy, I can’t provide proof because I didn’t take screenshots with timestamps. However, as a programmer I know that failing without error is considered unacceptable practice. Maybe good for Twittgrammers to know.


If you can provide a URL that fails in the validator or that fails in a Tweet then I would agree with you. I’m unable to reproduce based on the data in this forum thread. Sorry.


While I can’t provide proof I am able to provide a screenshot if not data as a basis for understanding. Hope this is helpful.


So you’re trying to demonstrate that Facebook.com does not render a card?


No, simply telling you the validator occasionally fails to render valid cards without error. If I were trying I’d prove it.


Not sure what you’re talking about. The Card Validator clearly shows the error for http://facebook.com:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 11 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)
WARN: this card is redirected to https://www.facebook.com/

If I then try to validate https://www.facebook.com, I get this:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 11 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

Both of these are acceptable IMO.


I’m sure it’s expected Facebook has a Twitter card error. The point of relevance is whether Facebook has a Twitter card error for everyone, all the time.

If someone were to create a handheld hi-def video waving their hand in front of a public access computer screen showing Facebook doesn’t have an error then we could all be sure because it would be very difficult to fake, especially if the video had live Twitter stream data, and if Twitter thought they weren’t responsible for the lack of error then they would probably investigate to determine why they aren’t sure that couldn’t happen, and implement changes to ensure it could never ever happen again, beyond all shadow of a doubt.


Lee, if you have a website that is having an issue with cards, please share the URL here. There is no point in debating issues with sites you do not own. If you are unable to share your URL then we will not be able to assist you here. Thank you.


There seems to be confusion about who’s being assisted.

I shared my URL, it validates and renders in my tweet. Now. However, you’re unable to see what my Twitter account sees when it fails without error.

Now that I have your attention and a validated card, my question is what is the extent of Twitter’s liability when Twitter’s validator fails causing severe personal injury or death, and how can Twitter be informed of this possibility when reporting it is met by a wall of Twitter staff that don’t know what this LITERALLY means?


Your link validates, and the card renders in a Tweet when it is posted. I don’t think this discussion thread is getting very far. Closing. If you have an issue with a URL that you believe has valid card markup then please open a new topic.