Unable to register/unregister/list webhooks for application



Where a month ago I was able to register a webhook for my application
(App. Id : 5wSiEV58D4tjTVF6kaaM5rQWG) I now can’t even list the webhooks
for my app. Nor any other actions related with the account_activity API. They
all result in :
] {
“code”: 87,
“message”: “Client is not permitted to perform this action.”
I am however still able to retrieve and send direct messages though.
I have applied for access to the account_activity API and got a confirmation
I was granted access, which allowed me to register the webhook then.
Am I missing something here, or did I get removed from the whitelist ?


There’s more information about troubleshooting webhooks over in this thread. Are you sure you’re using the correct app ID?


Using twurl I can access the direct_messages API:
twurl /1.1/direct_messages/events/list.json
and I can access all the DM’s using the oauth credentials
for my application (with oauth consumerkey = app id).
It’s just the account_activity API where all my actions seem to result in the error 87 code …


Hi @GinTweetDev, looks like your request is still in the queue for being reviewed. You may have just received a confirmation your request was “received.”