Unable to register @anywhere domains in My Applications


I am not able to register domains for @anywhere domains. I can submit them via the User Interface and it says they have been accepted, however it never appears in the list of domains.


First, I would encourage you to examine some of the alternatives we have to @Anywhere – it’s fallen a bit behind the times and you may find a number of browser incompatibilities creeping up and general inconsistencies with branding and capabilities.

At peak times, the population of these values can take awhile to appear on dev.twitter.com. Our validator for valid domains can also be quite conservative. Could you share the domains you’re trying to add and the consumer key you’re using so I can verify what’s what on our back end? Feel free to follow up: episod@twitter.com – there are cases of applications or accounts with a certain corruption to them that prevents these values from saving properly also. Thanks.