Unable to register account activity webhook server



Hi there.

I am developing a webhook server for subscribing my account’s activity.

I have been working on with Twitter API documents and keep failing on CRC valication.

The message I received when I tried to register was

"Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Invalid CRC token or json response format."

But server response was 200 and data was returned as json properly.

I couldn’t figure out which part I was missing.

Please tell me if you need any informations like, webhook server domain or something.

Looking forward your help.



I’m sorry I just found out why.


You should really post what the issue was and/or close your issue.


Sorry. The issue was application’s internal problem.

There was a before hook checking request’s params or IP which returns simple page with status 200 on invalid data.(not json )

Can writers close what they wrote? I can’t find the button


I think you just need to mark your own reply as the “answer”.