Unable to post image via API v1.1




So we’ve been experiencing some issues in updating status with images.

Here’s the image we tried to publish:

And here’s the response:

The size of this image is fine do don’t really know why it failed.

So we used media api (https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json2) to upload that image - status code returned is 200 and we did get back the media id.

I just tried upload this image again and it’s a success.

{media_id=885309483978706945, media_id_string=885309483978706945, size=1075713, expires_after_secs=86400, image={image_type=image/png, w=2500, h=1308}}

Then i used this media id in status update it failed again.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry the old thread is dead so I created this new one. Apologize for the duplication.