Unable to post image via API v1.1



So we’ve been experiencing some issues in updating status with images.

Here’s the image we tried to publish:

And here’s the response:

The size of this image is fine do don’t really know why it failed.

Thanks in advance!


Was the image uploaded in one go or using the chunked API? If the latter, did you check that the image was successfully processed (STATUS command)?


So we used media api (https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json) to upload that image - status code returned is 200 and we did get back the media id.

I just tried upload this image again and it’s a success.

{media_id=885309483978706945, media_id_string=885309483978706945, size=1075713, expires_after_secs=86400, image={image_type=image/png, w=2500, h=1308}}

Then i used this media id in status update it failed again.


hi,I face the same issue. I upload media like this:

But, when I use the media_id for this. It return"twitter_ads.error.NotFound: <NotFound object at 0x7ff0a6797b88 code=404 details=[{‘message’: ‘939119381551943680 was not found’, ‘parameter’: ‘wide_app_image_media_id’, ‘code’: ‘NOT_FOUND’}]>"

Can you help me?


@andypiper The python sdk is wrong? Because it’s fine before.


Since you’re using the Ads SDK I would recommend asking in the Ads API SDK category.


Thank you. I did this. Here is the new url