Unable to post App Cards on iOS using Fabric's Unity SDK



Hello there,
I’m unable to post App Cards on iOS using Fabric’s Unity SDK. I have no issues posting app cards on Android.

When I call Fabric’s Twitter.Compose the App Card composer shows up, displaying the image. But, when I push the “Tweet” button, it turns grey, after a while it turns blue again but nothing happens on the Twitter timeline (and the App Card composer just stays there).
No error message shows up on the XCode console, or the device log. Not even in debug+development builds. So, I have no error message to post or look up. I have tried using just the Apple ID and both, the Apple and Google ID, when calling Fabric’s Twitter.Compose but the result is always the same.
The app is live on the App Store.

I’m using Unity 5.3.4f1, with the latest version of Fabric and the TwitterKit.
Also, I’m using the Twitter App consumer key and secret, not the ones generated by Fabric. I Have already requested and obtained permission to post app cards (the app ID should be whitelisted).

Is there anything else I could try, check or look into in order to post app cards on iOS using Fabric’s Unity SDK?
Thanks in advance.


Hey @andreswx,

Do you see the Tweet at all on the timeline or is there a tweet, but no app card associated with it?


Hey @bonnell,
I don’t see a Tweet at all. Nothing happens on the timeline.


Hi @andreswx did you figure out why this is happening and what the fix is? I am experiencing the exact same issue.


Hi @Test_Sync1,

Yes, we filled a bug report with Twitter, they looked into it, found a bug and are currently working on it.

There is no fix yet. We ended up using an asset from Unity’s Asset Store, which is not great but does what we need. We are posting regular tweets with an image attached instead of actual App Cards.


hi @andreswx ah ok thanks for the reply, what is the asset from the Unity Store that you used to do that?


We used Cross Platform Native Plugins - Lite Version.

Hope it helps.


I’m having the same issue now. @andreswx, was your issue fixed now?



  • I have requested “App Card” permission and Twitter has been approved “All Fabric permissions” to my app.

  • My app is not live yet (in app store). Twitter doc (https://dev.twitter.com/cards/types/app) said that to test “App Card, make sure that the app is publicly available in an app store,” I wonder if it is the issue that Twitter kit won’t allow my app to post app card.