Unable to play video



I am planning to play one video using HTML5 video player. The URL is like - https://amp.twimg.com/v/a96c9afc-dab9-41bb-9f79-860633f5ea81 this I extracted from user tweet. Since this URL doesn’t have what type of video MP4 (video/mp4) or OGG (video/ogg), how do I play it in HTML5 video player. I looked at https://github.com/twitterdev/cards-player-samples also, but that didn’t help much to address this type of URLs. Would someone share their idea?.



The URL you’re linking to is from our Twitter Amplify (paid) program. That’s a different thing to creating a regular Player card on your site.

For a Player card, you’ll need to provide your own video, and then use markup similar to what you’ve seen in the Github sample.