Unable to locate application icon and loadTweetsWithIDs Optional value



I am using Xcode 6.4 Swift and have just integrated Fabric and the TwitterKit. I have added:

Twitter.sharedInstance().startWithConsumerKey(“key assigned to app in dashboard”, consumerSecret: “secret assigned to app in dashboard”)

to my AppDelegate (didFinishLaunchingWithOptions) and receive the following error:

[Fabric] Unable to locate application icon
Failed to load tweets: Request failed: bad request (400)

I am using the tableView sample from the docs and the failure to load tweets comes from the “Twitter.sharedInstance().APIClient.loadTweetsWithIDs(tweetIDs)…” call.

If I comment out the lines in AppDelegate and use the default key and secret, I get past the “Unable to locate application icon” issue but then crash with a fatal error on the loadTweetsWithIDs call:

fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

Any ideas?


To add, I surrounded the loadTweetsWithIDs call with logInGuestWithCompletion as so:

    Twitter.sharedInstance().logInGuestWithCompletion { (session, error) in            Twitter.sharedInstance().APIClient.loadTweetsWithIDs(self.tweetIDs) { tweets, error in
            if let ts = tweets as? [TWTRTweet] {
                self.tweets = ts
                println("Tweets are: ",tweets)
            } else {
                println("Failed to load tweets: \(error!.localizedDescription)")

I am now getting the tweets back so that is good, although I’m not sure how viable a solution this is. I am also still seeing the “[Fabric] Unable to locate application icon” error coming up.

Also, I should add that somebody should really test this code out using the latest Xcode version. The sample for tableView is broken in many places.


I can speak to the “[Fabric] Unable to locate application icon” logging. It’s completely unrelated to the Twitter Kit functionality. The Fabric SDK is just being a little too verbose, complaining that it cannot figure out what the icon is for your app. This only affects how we display your app in the Fabric dashboard.


Thank you for the explanation. If I wanted to get rid of this message how would I add an icon for my app in the Fabric dashboard? I just tried and didn’t see where to do it?


Send us an email at support@. They’ll get this fixed up for you.


Is there an API call limit on authenticating our clients and if so, can we increase that limit?\

There have been multiple failed http requests.

This is the error our users are getting:


Please start a new thread with this question - or better yet, contact support.


I did and no one replied…It’s under is there an API call limit? Please reply.


@TomIsGeekin Alex from Fabric support here. I’d be happy to look into this and help point you in the right direction. Can you email me at support@fabric.io?

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