Unable to load Tweets due to rate Limit Policy



We’ve just released our app, and we’re seeing almost all tweets failing to render in our iOS app (Android TBC).

We are a news publication, and the Tweets appear as part of article pages.

How we’ve implemented displaying tweets:

Setup Twitter App, in order to generate consumer key, and consumer secret. No other setup of Twitter app has been performed, as we do not currently need any login / registration / API functionality.
Setup Twitter as part of Fabric SDK:
Twitter.sharedInstance().startWithConsumerKey(Config.twitterConsumerKey, consumerSecret: Config.twitterConsumerSecret) Fabric.with([Crashlytics.self, Optimizely.self, Twitter.self])
Load the Tweet with:
public func loadTweetWithID(tweetID: String, completion: TWTRLoadTweetCompletion)

This is returning code 88 (Rate limit exceeded)

Firstly I’m confused about what the rate limits are for our implementation, this page shows a bunch of rate limits, but which of these is what the Fabric-Twitter SDK uses, I’m not sure:
Please let me know, for our setup:

  1. What is the rate limit for 1 single user?
  2. What is the rate limit for all users?
  3. Is there any way to solve this from our twitter app console?
  4. What is the recommended approach for an app of our type, to render tweets?




Hi @MichaelBaldock - if you’re not logging in with Twitter, your app with Fabric will be using guest authentication, which aims to provide a great logged-out experience. That is not the same as the rate limits you’re referring to for user and app-only auth on the public API pages.

If you’re able to share the app ID with us privately then we can look into this with you. Thanks!