Unable to invalidate Bearer token



When trying to invalidate token, I am getting error 348 - “Client application is not permitted to to invalidate this token.” (HTTP Response code: 401 Authorization required).
However, I am able to generate new bearer token with the same Authorization token (Basic [token]).

Anyone who could help?


Hi @kryptxy. A couple questions - Why are you wanting to invalidate your token? How are you attempting to do this? If possible, please send your full request (with keys/tokens redacted).



Hi @Hamza, I might be experiencing the same issue. The following is my post regarding the same issue with code snippet:

Basically, I can’t use the oauth2/invalidate_token API as well. Using axios I get the error 348, with the twitter module on npm link I’m getting:

[ { message: 'Sorry, that page does not exist', code: 34 } ]

error. However, I did test that at least with the twitter npm module, the oauth/invlidate_token (OAuth1 or OAuth1.0a) works.

I’m sorry if I should be waiting for another staff to reply to my own post, but I can’t seem to find an answer by googling nor searching in this thread. This happened 25 days ago to me and still can’t google the way out. Thank you in advance.

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