Unable to GET likes for a user




I’m using the API to retrieve a users’ likes. This is working in 99% of cases. However, on some occasions it doesn’t import their likes.

I noticed that for some users when you look at their Twitter profile, it gives you the total for the number of likes, however, it was says: " hasn’t liked any Tweets yet". I checked with the user, and they can’t see their likes either. See example below.

Is this a bug in the Twitter platform?





This is possibly a bug, but my suspicion is that this is more likely to be time-related. With the accounts that you’re seeing these issues, when was the last obvious activity (new Tweets, replies, retweets)? If there has been no activity for some time (months, years) then I would speculate that the state may be out of sync because the activity has been moved to archive storage, so the API and website are unable to show “recent” activity.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I think you might be right.

I checked that user’s account and her last thing they did (in terms of activity) was retweet a tweet from October 2016.

Will they ever see those 8301 likes again, i.e., can they do anything to resurrect them?



I just checked another account.

Their last tweet was: 25th Nov 2018. It’s saying they have a total of 230 Tweets, but it’s just showing one tweet on their timeline.

Also, it’s saying they have 2311 likes, but it’s not showing any of these likes in the Like tab.

It’s definitely not expected behaviour. If it’s saying you have x number of tweets/likes/whatever, it should show these.



That sounds strange for sure, can you provide a screen_name or id so that I can dig in / report internally? thank you.


Yip, the two accounts I checked were:



Hi Andy,

Was there any update to relation to this? Are the old Likes/Tweets lost forever?

Would it be considered a bug?