Unable to get latest tweets through streaming API



I am using the twitter streaming API to get the tweets through streaming API. But each time when I connect to this, I am getting the tweets from 6.00 AM IST. But I am not getting the latest tweets at current time. I heard of since request parameter.

can any one help me how can I pass this parameter with some default time. for example, tell me the format of the time value to be passed to it.

Thanks in advance…


Are you trying to retrieve tweets from the past? If so, the streaming API’s not the right option; have a look instead at the search API.

If that’s not the issue, can you give a specific example? Include which API endpoint you’re connecting to, what parameters you’re passing, what you’re expecting to happen and what actually happens.


@isaach : I am using the streaming API with url, stream.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/filter.json?language=en&locations=68.1113787,6.5546079,97.395561,35.6745457&stall_warnings=true
And I am getting the tweets specific to this bounding box area.
I am expecting live tweets. But whenever I run this, I am getting the tweets from 6.00 AM on that day but not the current live tweets.

For example, If someone tweeted from that area lets say at 10.00 AM, I should get that tweet in my output at least at 10.15 AM .

But the output is giving the tweets always from the past time not the current time.

Please help me in achieving this.