Unable to get FAN ads in android



I am trying to integrate FAN native ads with Mopub. I follow the process according to documentation. But I am unable to get any test ads from FAN.
I got the below error from Logcat.

D/FBAudienceNetworkLog: Audience Network Loaded (displayed for test ads only)
Native Ad failed to load with error: A required renderer was not registered for the CustomEventNative…

Native ad request failed.
com.mopub.network.MoPubNetworkError: No ads found for ad unit.
at com.mopub.network.AdRequest.parseNetworkResponse(AdRequest.java:140)
at com.mopub.volley.NetworkDispatcher.run(NetworkDispatcher.java:123)


Hi @Mr_Aman_Arora,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you ensure that you have the MOPUBNativeVideoAdRenderer file included in your project? If you are still having trouble, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team directly at support@mopub.com for the fastest response times to your question. Please make sure to include the full device logs and any other details you think the Support Team may find useful in getting to the bottom of the problem in your email.



Can you explain what does it mean. I am using mopub official docs wrote this:

MoPubStaticNativeAdRenderer moPubStaticNativeAdRenderer = new …

FacebookAdRenderer facebookAdRenderer = new …


and still getting

Native Ad failed to load with error: A required renderer was not registered for the CustomEventNative


Hi, @teambraindevs, which Facebook SDK version are you integrating? Could you also show your complete implementation code for native ads?



Thanks but I figured it out the problem, It took me a while and your support takes forever to reply. I also did mailed at your support email id.
I used build library tool that implement those mediation adapter automatically which solved the issue.
At last great tool guys we have increase our revenue by 20%, If you could improve your support this tool will become a perfect solution for ads.