Unable to get Email Id from Twitter Login in android



Used Fabric and created app in fabric account and used that Consumer Key and secret in the app.
Later found out that to fetch email id i have to create app in apps.twitter.com as my app is still not into play store so i created an in apps.twitter.com.
Used Consumer key from apps.twitter.com and using fabric plugin it updated the new key in the app.

I am able to Login successfully but this piece of code:

    authClient.requestEmail(session, new Callback<String>() {
         public void success(Result<String> result) {
            Log.e(TAG, "data email");

        public void failure(TwitterException exception) {
            // Do something on failure
            Log.e(TAG, "Twitter Failure in email");

On callback its going to failure method even after user clicking allow.
I enabled the checkbox to Request email addresses from users in > apps.twitter.com and regenerated consumer key and put that in the app.
Am i missing anything. Because i am getting this exception after clicking allow.

Failed to get email address.
com.twitter.sdk.android.core.TwitterApiException: HTTP request failed, Status: 400
callback.onResponse(ExecutorCallbackCall.this, response);


Hey @naveen_kumar_nk,

If you’ve changed your key after changing the permissions, it’s possible the permission is no longer on the new key. Can you email into support(at)fabric(dot)io with the Twitter Consumer Key you’re currently using?



Hey Mike,

I have mailed to fabric support with consumer key. What next.?
And another doubt. I have filled that form to whitelist the app. I am not sure whether my app is white listed or not. In form i put app ID as app ID from apps.twitter.com .


Hey @naveen_kumar_nk,

We’re working through our support email backlog due to the holidays, but the team will check the access and reply back with any updates :slight_smile:




Thanks for the support. I am able to get email id now. I think white
listing got delayed or something. It started working on its own.

Naveen Kumar N


Glad you’re all set - happy coding!